Reflections on the Use of Python and Pygame in Senior IT

Earlier this year, girls from Brisbane's Clayfield College in Year 12 Information Technology Systems class used Python 3 and the Pygame module for their assessment piece; making an arcade-style game to a prototype standard. The new environment replaced the previous use of Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.0, and presented an interesting change in workflow. The presentation will reflect on why the choice was made to shift to Python, some of the complications that arose, and the emergence of Python in secondary schools as the language of choice. The presentation is done from the perspective of an all-girls school context.

Presented by

Jim Lloyd

Jim has been teaching for 13 years across a range of sectors and contexts. He is Coordinator of Learning Innovation at Clayfield College in Brisbane, as well as a passionate teacher of IT and mathematics. He holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Pedagogy and is a fairly recent convert to Python 3 and is keen to explore how it can bridge the gap between visual programming in upper primary through to Year 12 and beyond. He is currently studying a Master of IT through Charles Sturt University.