Code Reviews Using Art Critique Principles

Code reviews don't have to be a time consuming, morale zapping, arduous tasks. Not only can they catch bugs and errors but they can contribute in positive ways to the individual developer, the team, management and company as a whole.

Art critiques have existed in academia for hundreds of years. The methodology of the critique has evolved to be time sensitive and productive, while keeping the enthusiasm of the student artist intact.

The purpose of the art critique is to get peers and mentors to look at the work and raise any problems they may see. It's also time where people with more experience could contribute their knowledge in a helpful way. This process is about producing the best work, quickly and in a productive and constructive way.

These methods can be applied to code review.

PyCon attendees will come away from this talk with a set of methods that will enable them to preform constructive code reviews using art critique principles.

Presented by

Stacy Morse

Stacy Morse is a time traveling immortal who programs with Python and builds things that blink. She is a freelancer/contractor building web applications. This allows her to work on her personal Python project, a hand-held programmable LED array for lighting photographs.

Previous talks include:

  • Python Microservices, where she gave an academic approach to converting a monolithic application into microservices.

  • Show Me What You Got, where she tried to convince her hound dog to show her what she has in her mouth which she knows she shouldn't have.

If you can't recognize her accent it's ok, she was raised in the tiniest state of Rhode Island in the United States. A place where they don't include R's on the end of words, and they call water fountains, bubblahs.