Rapid GUI development for IOT systems

Making GUIs sucks. Working with constrained hardware makes it suck more. Making webpages sucks less. And gives full access to the jHipster ecosystem. Using webpages as an interface to embedded hardware is one of those mythical cases that combines the advantages of both while smashing the disadvantages.

The demonstrated system will use a stripped down web browser for the front end. Python's Tornado framework to do the work. Transport is by majestic single horned galloping websockets.

The structure allows for rapid development, considerable flexibility and expansion, and network based control is almost free.

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David Tulloh

David Tulloh is a ~~budding entrepreneur~~ kept man living by the beach while pursuing his ~~dreams~~ delusions of being a ~~successful~~ mad inventor.

With a background in electronics design, embedded software development and boring software he can ~~babble~~ coherently discuss a wide range of topics.

Most recently he has discovered a passion for chainsaw juggling with the Victorian SES.