How Django helped us make a better conference website

Over the last year, PyCon Australia and have moved away from a monolithic conference management software package – developed in-house over the course of several conferences – to a suite of open source Django apps.

Making the move to Django allowed 2017 to pick existing apps that were a best fit for our conference’s needs, and let us focus on building up bespoke apps for the few remaining tasks that hadn’t been solved yet.

We’ll look at how the move went for 2017, what went wrong, what went well, and how moving to Django helped us make a conference website that was easier for team members to contribute to, and solved long-standing problems that we couldn’t solve before.

We’ll also look at the open source projects that we’ve launched and adopted, and show you where you can contribute to making next year’s PyCon AU website even better, or how to use our suite to help run your own conference.

Presented by

Christopher Neugebauer

Christopher is an Australian programmer from the Tasmanian city of Hobart. He's worked in mobile development, focusing on Android, and over the last year has been knee-deep in backend web development with Django. Christopher is strongly interested in developing the Australian and International Python communities: he was director of 2017, is on the organising committee for PyCon Australia. He's a past board member of Linux Australia, and has been a fellow of the Python Software Foundation since 2013.