Multitenant applications: how and why

Multitenancy is system architecture model where a single instance of software serves multiple clients [tenants]. Each has its own context and data set isolated from the others. There are 3 main approaches to build this kind of application. Each uses different strategies to spread data in a database [or multiple databases]. In this talk, you will understand the architecture of each of these approaches, how to query data, its advantages, and downsides.

Presented by

Filipe de Alencar Ximenes

I'm a Python/Django developer from Brazil. I work in a Django shop I started with a couple friends and I'm passionate about developing beautiful code. I'm interested in all kinds of programming languages, their communities and open source. I believe simple is better than complex, and that this should be a mantra for most things in life. I value human relationships and the way we, as a society, interact with the place we live in. For that, I recognize the use of bicycles for transportation and the use of public space as a priority to build healthy cities.