An introduction to nodepool

Nodepool is a system for launching single-use test nodes (VM's) on demand based on images built with cached data. It is designed to work with any OpenStack based cloud, and is part of a suite of tools that form a comprehensive test system including Jenkins and Zuul.

Nodepool works across multiple clouds and scales to launching and managing thousands of nodes per an hour.

This talk is an introduction on how to deploy and use nodepool for CI. Given time we may also touch on how it may be used to manage nodes for workloads other than just testing.

Presented by

Joshua Hesketh

Joshua Hesketh is a software developer currently working on upstream OpenStack. He works from his home in Hobart, Tasmania. Joshua has previously been the President of Linux Australia, the co-chair for PyCon Australia and a key organiser for He has an interest in robotics having completed a degree in mechatronic engineering. Josh is an active contributor to the openstack-infra and nova projects.