Video recording conferences and user groups using Python

Ever wanted to video record a conference or user group - or attempted to, and groaned at how time consuming and error prone it seems to be? This talk will delve into some of the open-source Python automation and tools we've been using at events since 2009 (including Pycon Australia) to make this process much faster and easier, which allows video teams of volunteers to produce consistently high quality video.

The systems we use cover everything from pre-event preparation (schedule data, etc), the technology used at the event to live-mix video, and the post-production automation we use for encoding and programmatic uploading of video.

If you're interested in recording a local event near you, this talk will introduce you with some of the tools and processes we use to do the same.

Presented by

Ryan Verner

Ryan Verner during the day is a Senior Python Developer at New Atlas, an online publication, working on high performance Django.

At night he runs Next Day Video, founded in 2010 to record open source technical conferences using open source Python based automation. He's also heavily involved in TimVideos, an open community who are producing open hardware/software elements to make up a complete video recording pipeline.