Python: Ludicrous mode (with Django)

Introducing the idea of appropriate data flows, query optimisation, and algorithm selections via the broader objective of reducing website latency. The techniques taught are broadly applicable, not specific to websites in Django.

The goal is to open audience members eyes to the broader concepts of appropriate tech stack selection by looking briefly at HTTP/2, caching (both local and global), infrastructure stack layout, streaming responses, aggregate requests, lazy evaluation, and some thoughts on the future of low-latency web development.

Presented by

Tyson Clugg

Tyson Clugg has been hacking Django since 2007 alongside Django core developer Curtis Maloney. Tyson worked with Curtis on security critical infrastructure including the access control system developed for the Melbourne Cup and subsequently used by Ticketek.

In 2015, Tyson wrote Django DDP allowing developers to create realtime websites including pub/sub with Django querysets. Eventually in 2016 some of the code from Django DDP made it into Django Channels as the overhaul of the databinding of the 1.0 release.

These days Tyson can be found working for New Atlas (, either drinking coffee and eating Bahn Mi in Collingwood, or relaxing at his home on the side of Mt Dandenong.