• Exit the station on the Collins St side (facing "The Age" building across the street.)
  • Turn right and head up the hill (Collins St) and go over the bridge. Once you're over the bridge, you'll be in front of the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) building. Just past this, on the right, you'll see a set of stairs leading down to a street. This is Aurora St.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, head left down Aurora St, which will take you under Collins St.
  • Aurora will "T" into where Flinders St dumps into Wurundjeri Way. The intersection looks a little scary, but, there's a signalled crosswalk there. Cross the road and head to your right once across the road. You should be looking at a sort of Spanish mission style building. This is the "Mission to Seafarers". Before you come to this, there's a small road/laneway on the left. Turn left down this laneway. You'll now be heading right toward MCEC and will see a footbridge ahead. Cross this footbridge, and you're there.
  • This might actually be slight longer than the route google maps shows, however, the walk is MUCH more pleasant, and there's only the one road to cross (Wurundjeri Way) and that signal is MUCH MUCH shorter than the one at Flinders/Spenser streets, so it can in fact take you significantly less time.