Build Tooling Workshop

It is common for current software to consist of multiple languages, and deployed for multiple architectures. Build and release systems need to be flexible enough to incorporate new technologies, all the while, keeping the system easy to use for software engineers. This workshop will focus on one python-based build system that meets these requirements.

In this workshop, you will have the hands on opportunity to learn, “waf”, a modular based build system that was adopted at Weta Digital, which needed a highly flexible system, capable of adjusting quickly, to produce Visual Effects applications for the film industry.

This workshop will begin with performing deployment of a python-only project, which will include automated testing, generation of documentation, code validation, and software packaging. The workshop will progress onto multi-language projects, showing how easy it is to include compiled languages. Final topics include enhancing waf to meet your company’s deployment requirements. Film industry anecdotes will be peppered throughout the workshop, giving examples of the importance of a good build system.

About the speaker

Rita Garcia has over 10 years working in the film industry as a Build and Release Engineer. Starting out at Pixar Animation Studios with ‘The Incredibles’, she went onto Weta Digital, taking part in ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy. Currently, she is the Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Rising Sun Pictures, and is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Adelaide.