Python in Education Seminar

Python is both a simple and consistent language for beginners and a powerful real-world language used in industry. This combination is why it's a popular language in education: it's a great way to start for beginner programmers who are beyond graphical programming environments like Scratch and reaching the limitations of 'toy' languages.

The Python in Education seminar aims to bring together Python educators to share ideas and resources. Come along to hear how Python is used to teach programming in school classrooms and extracurricular clubs and camps around Australia. This is a time to share resources and experiences and to bring up any setbacks to a group of people keen and ready to help out.

If you're new to Python, this is a great opportunity to see what it can do, how it works in an educational environment and build up your own skills and confidence.


The Python in Education Seminar runs each year at the start of PyCon AU, in parallel with a number of other specialist events. The program covers the full day, from approx 9am to 6pm (schedule to be finalised). In 2017, the Python in Education Seminar will take place on Friday the 4th of August.

The talk schedule will be aligned with the other PyCon specialist tracks that are running simultaneously to make it easy to attend parts of each of them.


All are welcome to attend the Python in Education Seminar! If you're submitting a proposal, the kind of audience to expect includes:

  • Primary and secondary school teachers

  • Tertiary educators teaching beginner-level courses

  • Organisers and volunteers at coding clubs or camps

  • Creators of educational software and teaching materials

  • Parents keen to teach their children to code

  • Professional and hobbyist software developers interested in education

Those curious as to what this seminar is about may want to take a look at the recorded presentations from previous years:

Submitting a talk or other proposal

If you are keen to speak on any topics relevant to Python educators, please submit a talk proposal. We will accept a wide range of talks, and are happy to consider hands-on activities, live demonstrations or open-discussion format proposals.

Financial Assistance

There is financial assistance available for speakers and attendees of the conference if finances are likely to be barrier to you participating. This includes the cost for your school to provide a substitute teacher so that you can attend the Python in Education seminar day. See the financial assistance page for more information on how to apply.