DjangoCon AU

DjangoCon AU is a special one-day event for anyone using Django - from beginners just learning how to build their own websites, to experienced engineers looking for tips to optimise their high traffic site.

Back for it's fifth year as part of PyCon AU, DjangoCon AU is a nucleus for the Australian Django developer base, providing a venue for knowledge sharing for both new and old-hands at the framework.

"The Django community is a big part of the overall Python community, and DjangoCon AU is very proud of the long association with PyCon AU. The quality of content and speakers at DjangoCon AU always rivals that of any other DjangoCon event around the world; I look forward to seeing what the community has in store for us this year", said event coordinator and Django core team member, Dr Russell Keith-Magee.

The Django community is also very welcoming to new contributors and users, making it one of the best ways to get started with free software development and making Django a great technology choice.  

In addition to the information here on the PyCon AU site, you can head to the DjangoCon AU site for additional DjangoCon goodness.