Welcoming WSP Digital, our first Platinum Sponsor!

5 June 2017

The PyCon Australia team is sending out a warm welcome to WSP Digital as the first Platinum sponsor for 2017. ☺️🌟🍰🎉

WSP Digital - PyCon Australia sponsor

WSP Digital had this to say:

WSP Digital is the software engineering division of WSP, a publicly listed global consulting engineering company with over 40,000 employees in more than 50 countries. We work with WSP’s other engineering disciplines and directly with customers to deliver custom web and mobile applications, systems integration and IoT implementations.

Python has been their language of choice for over 6 years - in that time we've deployed Python code for clients including VicRoads, Qantas, Myer, Coles, Telstra, BOC, State and Federal Government departments and many others. We have active projects using Django, Twisted, Celery, Channels, Pandas and many other open source tools from the Python community, so we’re very happy to have this opportunity to make a small contribution in return.

Our Melbourne office employs 35 software engineers, business analysts, test engineers and project managers, including a number of interns and graduates. We take great pride in providing an environment that encourages software engineering excellence through collaboration, informed debate and learning - we believe that our commercial success is directly related to the quality of what we produce and the talent and commitment of our team.

It's wonderful to see a business materially recognise the huge benefit they gain from tools made freely available by the Python open source community. Open source tools allow us all to skip most of the infra and get straight to building the functionality which actually make money for the business!

There are several elite sponsorship opportunities available which we are excited to share with the right companies. Could one of them be you? If so check out our sponsorship prospectus (pdf). Both elite and standard sponsorships offer on-stage, on-video and hallway banners as well as complimentary professional-level tickets. For any enquiries or questions, we're at sponsorship@pycon-org.au.