Welcoming IRESS, a returning Platinum Sponsor!

3 July 2017

The PyCon Australia team is sending out a warm welcome to IRESS as a returning Platinum sponsor for 2017. ☺️🌟🍰🎉

IRESS sponsor

IRESS had this to say:

IRESS is a principal supplier of share market and wealth management systems in Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. We produce innovative, sophisticated solutions for serious financial market and wealth management participants. We are a rapidly growing Australian based company with over 1300 staff globally.

We are constantly looking for talented Python developers as Python is a language used by all development teams and is the primary development language used on our core product XPLAN.

It's great to see a business like IRESS recognise the value of sponsoring a local community conference as a way of meeting those talented Python developers! And we are thrilled that the investment of previous years is paying off as IRESS has an ongoing relationship with the Australian Python community.

There are several elite (Gold) sponsorship opportunities available which we are excited to share with the right companies. Could one of them be you? If so check out our sponsorship prospectus (pdf). Both elite and standard sponsorships offer on-stage, on-video and hallway banners as well as complimentary professional-level tickets. For any enquiries or questions, we're at sponsorship@pycon-org.au.