PyCon Australia sponsorships: put your name behind a much-loved, high quality event!

24 May 2017

PyCon Australia holds a special place in many people’s hearts, as they return year after year. We'd love to welcome your company on board too - any enquiries or questions, please chat to us via

Last year our post-conference survey had around 180 responses. Over 80% of survey responses agreed or strongly agreed that the conference was good value for money, the program was satisfying and informative, and would recommend attending to a friend or workmate. We had a broad mix of attendees identifying as hobbyists, web developers, general software developers, as well as scientists, science software developers, sysadmins, teachers and students.

Over 60% of respondents travelled from outside Melbourne to attend. Over 60% had never attended a local Python meetup and nearly 90% did not attend any other Python-centric conference. The numbers are pretty clear: if you want to meet local Pythonistas, PyCon Australia is the place to do it.

Your company may not think of itself as a “Python shop”, but if you care about machine learning, data science, DevOps, web development, education, scientific programming, chances are pretty high there is some Python somewhere in your stack.

We have several elite sponsorship opportunities available and we are excited to offer them to  companies who want to reach skilled Python developers from across the country and beyond! Both our Platinum and Gold sponsors can make use of desks in the Community/Industry room. Additionally, Platinum sponsors have an opportunity to address the conference for five minutes.

Both elite and standard sponsorships offer on-stage, on-video and hallway banners as well as complimentary professional-level tickets. This is just a sample - all the sponsor perks are listed in detail in our sponsorship prospectus (pdf).

Sponsors also have additional opportunities to get their name in some very coveted spaces - we have add-on packages for sponsoring attendee lanyards, coffee and catering, among other options.

We're also happy to consider an in-kind or custom sponsorship request. For any enquiries or questions, we're at